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“fidelity ”promise

Aibaozhen Mall solemnly promises:

Products sold on this website,Marked“fidelity ”Marked,All are directly supplied by the brand,Brand quality is guaranteed;The quality of other goods on sale meets the industrial quality inspection standards。


Buyer's protection rights:

The buyer has purchased the goods that support the fidelity service,From the date of signing for the goods to the time before confirming the receipt,If the buyer finds that the material or quality of the goods is inconsistent with the online description,And negotiation with the seller failed,The buyer has the right to initiate rights protection within the specified period of time,And apply for quality commitment compensation。Aibaozhen judges according to the product quality inspection results,If it is determined that the buyer's compensation application is established,The seller shall return the actual price paid for the goods to the buyer,And compensate the agreed compensation。

Propose conditions for consumer protection compensation:

1.Commodity support for the buyer's claim“fidelity ”service;

2.The buyer's claim application complies with the relevant laws and regulations in form;

3.The buyer provides relevant vouchers,It shows that the seller admits that the product is not in conformity with the material or the test report shows that the product is not in conformity with the material;

4.Proposed by the buyer“fidelity ”Claim application shall be made before confirmation of receipt,And use“Inconsistent material,quality problem”Reason for return。

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