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  • Fidelity Shop - You can rely on the traceability fidelity mall

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    Fidelity Shop

    • MEI'MEICosmetic stores

      Our shop deals in authentic cosmetics of various brands!

      commodity 8

      sales volume 1

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    • Tiantian Farm

      Tiantian Farm was established in1987year,The production base is located in China Dragon-Qinling hinterland-Xianyang Qindu。Relying on the Qinling Mountains,Focus on the ecological cycle mode of traditional breeding production。adopt32Development in,Qinling Huaihua honey production base and wild honey base are the largest in the world。Tiantian Farm always adheres to the ecological cycle model of combining planting and breeding,Vigorously develop the production and development of original ecological species breeding。30Over the years, we have always insisted“Primitive ecology、0contaminated、0add to”Business philosophy of,uphold all the time“Professional focus on the original ecology,Always be original!”。Tian Tianren“Be an angel of nature,Guard the portal of human health”As the mission of the enterprise,Promoting human health,For the benefit of mankind。

      commodity 15

      sales volume 120

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    • HOWARD▪MILLERFlagship store

      howardmillerFlagship store is a flagship store on the official website operated or authorized by the official brand enterprise,All goods are guaranteed to be genuine without fakes。howardmillerThe baby in the flagship store matches the description and the score is0.0branch,Same as the average level of the same industry。

      commodity 24

      sales volume 1

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    • Rielte intelligent toilet

      Rielte intelligent toilet

      commodity 37

      sales volume 10

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    • NFCInternet of Things

      IoT related equipment

      commodity 19

      sales volume 92

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    • RFID specialty store

      Operating various typesRFID

      commodity 134

      sales volume 656

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    • I want to

      Main computer monitoring system,Multiple software and hardware systems

      commodity 0

      sales volume 0

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    • Honyaradoh

      Since the establishment of our store,in line with“Law-abiding operation、Steady development”Business and sales philosophy of。Mainly engaged in some tunnels in Yunnan“Wild Chinese herbal medicine for health preservation”,All products are from wild。Cordyceps sinensis、Wolfberry、three seven、Gastrodia elata and other best-selling consumer markets。

      commodity 8

      sales volume 11

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    • Third main grain franchise store

      Sales of all products of the three main grain companies

      commodity 14

      sales volume 600

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    • test


      commodity 1

      sales volume 0

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